How to Publish a Paper?
by Dr. Matthew Valenti
Lane Dept. of Comp. Sci. & Elect. Eng.
West Virginia University

Do you have something worth publishing? Here are the main criteria to consider:

If you can give a positive answer to all the above, then it is time to write up your results and submit a a paper.

Next, you might wonder where to publish. Generally, there are two main choices:

Note that there are sometimes other publishing opportunities including Technical Magazines, Newsletters, Book Chapters, Whitepapers, or even entire Books. Also, your thesis and dissertation can become more widely circulated than you might expect (especially with the emergence of ETD).

What are the main parts of a paper?

More information can be found here: IEEE Tools for Authors

How do I produce the paper using latex or word?

How do I cite references? See page 6 of the IEEE guidelines for authors.

What about figures and graphics?

How do I actually submit the paper? What format?

What happens after it is submitted?

Manuscript Central

Who reviews my paper?

Example Manuscript Details

What should I expect from my review?

Example Review Form

What do I do if it was not accepted?

What if it needs another round of review?

What still needs to be done after it is accepted?

Some pitfalls: